Top Instagram Fitness Influencers

Top Instagram Fitness Influencers

Fitness was a hot subject as a body is admired and most adored. It is normal for a person to be pleased when they see a fitness model and would like to be anywhere. Also, it is important to get away with only a few pounds, to prevent an early death, but instead for a healthier longer lifestyle. In the past, only the media of TV and radio is encouraging to stay fit.

But now the society has changed, as did the inspiring medium of exercise. Social networking channels today are the most trendy medium for people to remain fit. In this post, we will address the renowned Instagram model which is a massive inspiration if you are looking for an Inspiration for the same.

Top Instagram Fitness Influencers

Sommer Ray

In the course of the month of September 2016, Sommer Ray, a 21-year-old girl from Colorado, started sharing her pictures and videos and she earned a thousand followers in a short time thanks to her unforgettable fitness workouts. She belonged to the family, her parents were lifting the weight and at the age of fifteen, she wanted to join the tradition of the family.. Sommer Ray runs also a YouTube channel, sharing her blogs and a vlog that inspires many.

Jen Setler

Jen Setler, 24 years old from America, is better known for her appearance in social media and her modeling in fitness. At a very early age, she recognized the value of being physically active, which guided her to become fit and soon built a beautiful body. Jen Selter participated in several shows on the TV where she was considered a personal trainer, offering lessons to fans, aside from sharing pictures and videos. She has worked with a vast variety of major brands including Nike and Circus Fitness.

Anllela Sagra

The Colombian 24-year-old Anllela Sagra began her professional life through mode design and modeling. She always wanted a skinny body to be more muscular and one good day she met a personal trainer who shifted her feelings to life and she was interested in exercise and so she had the most weight lifting. She is also a workout model and a bodybuilder.

And here the list of some of the most influential fitness models on Instagram comes to an end. I Hope, the above-listed fitness models have been successful in inspiring you for the same and start your fitness journey at the earliest, do share your views about the same

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