Famous robots in movies

Famous robots in movies

Now this is the moment when in some or other way, robotics is becoming part of our lives. Alexa is used for day-to-day operation in almost every house, roomba robots are used to clean the floor itself, Tesla cars are the classic examples of artificial intelligence and several other examples related to robotics are there. And in the media and film industry, robotics has been used for a very long time. Children and young people enjoy seeing the use of robotics in film making. Let us talk in the movies about some famous robots.

The Matrix Machines:

In 1999 and 2003, the Matrix arrived. In this Hollywood movie, there was not a single robot, but a whole army was used by them. Because of robots, it was a complete threat. In this series, the use of artificial intelligence was a game changer that demonstrates how robotics can be tragic, there are several other movies and shows there that showed the robotics’ negative side.


It came out in 2007 and it’s such a good movie to watch. This movie highlights a robot’s optimistic side and cuteness. The name given to the robot that is so innocent and used for the purposes of cleaning was Wall-E. Wall-E falls in love after some time and reveals his thoughts and feelings. In the field of automation, all these attributes make him the best computer. This often reflects humanity. Not all the robots used in movies are destroying the earth, but some are sweet.


In 1987, 1990, 1993 and 2014, this series appeared. RoboCop is a film focused on human shortcomings, whether they be physical or integrity-related. There’s strong graphic content in this film. RoboCop is designed in such a way that criminals and drug traffickers are killed by it. He campaigns against corruption as well. However, RoboCop is quick to cheer for. This is one of the popular movie robots. It’s all super fun. This movie illustrates how you can program a computer to make the world peaceful.


From 1982 to 2019, this series was published in 6 parts. The robot called the terminator was sometimes in a good position and sometimes in a bad role in these 6 movies. It’s programming based. This film demonstrates the use of advanced technologies to program such a complex robot, and the T-800 was the main robot in this film. Without T-800, which is the funniest and kick-ass, the Terminator movie is incomplete.

These are some famous robots in Hollywood-made movies that are great to watch.

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