5 best foundation in India to fit any skin tone

5 best foundation in India to fit any skin tone

Make up is one thing that every woman likes to wear, and not only does it give them a beautiful appearance, but it also lets you develop confidence. To have the right look, you’ll need the right base for the foundation of your skin. Here are the five best foundations you can pick from.

10 Best Foundation Brands In India For A Flawless Look • The Good Look Book

5 best foundation in India to fit any skin tone.

MAC – Mac is one of the finest brands you can use to buy a perfect skin tone foundation. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation allows you full coverage and comes with an SPF15 that helps protect the face. The price for the MAC Base in India is about 2900 INR.

NYX Professional – This brand is very popular for having the best base you can buy to get a light weight base that will still give you a natural look. This base is one of the finest with a highly regarded formula that will make the skin look very flawless and silky. The price of the NYX Professional Foundation in India is approximately 1250 INR.

Bobbi Brown – Bobbi Brown is also one of India’s finest foundations that you can opt to purchase where you get a raw, weightless look from this drug. This cosmetic also comes with SPF15, which protects the skin from UV rays. The price of the Bobbi Brown Foundation in India is approximately 3,700 INR.

Maybelline’s Fit Me – The best foundation in India that you can choose for your skin type is Maybelline’s New York Fit Me base that is best suited for all skin types, particularly the oily skin type. This formula is available in more than 15 shades for any Indian complexion that will offer you medium coverage. The price of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in India is about 500 INR.

Loreal Paris – Loreal Paris is also one of the finest labels to purchase a base from. It consists of a solid formula that is hydrated and free of weight. The foundations here are incredibly helpful and can provide you a full coverage that is ideally suited to all skin types and is highly recommended. The price of the Loreal Paris Base in India is around 1000 INR.

This is the best foundation in India that you can choose to purchase for a full coverage and a stunning look.

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